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EU Tyre Labelling help us see how a particular tyre will peform.

(This information is displayed on this website either once you have selected your tyre size or by clicking on the brand logo at the bottom of the homepage)

Since the 1st of November 2012, the fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise performances of tyres have been displayed by means of a compulsory label similar to those already found on washing machines, fridges and other products that require consumer awareness of safety and environmental ratings. 


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Rolling resistance (which impacts on fuel consumption):

  • There is a grade, ranging from A to G, for rolling resistance.
  • An A grade tyre has a 7.5% better fuel consumption than a G grade tyre.
  • That means that every 10,000 kilometres, 50 litres will be saved by using an A grade tyre.
  • This represents an average; depending on the road surface, journey type and driving style.



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Wet grip performance:

  • The labels go from A (the shortest braking distance) to F for the longest.
  • There are no D and G grades for car and van tyres.
  • The test is braking distance of a vehicle driving on a road covered with between 0.5 and 1.5mm of water.
  • • At 80km per hour there is a difference of four car lengths (around 18 metres) between cars fitted with A grade tyres and those with F grade tyres.



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External noise:

  • Beyond 50 km per hour, rolling resistance noise normally exceeds engine noise.
  • On the label there is a symbol of a tyre with three waves, some black and some merely in outline.
  • A tyre with three black waves is in compliance with current European regulation but will breech regulations to be introduced in 2016.
  • A tyre with two black waves is already in compliance with the 2016 regulations.
  • A tyre with one black wave will be at least three decibels quieter than the 2016 regulations.

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